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Foto fra divingnorway.co.uk
Videograb fra Gulendykkesenter.no
Videograb fra Gulendykkesenter.no
Videograb fra Gulendykkesenter.no


Name: Havda Size: 55 x 8 x 4 m Weight: 677gt Type: Coastal Passenger Steamer Built: Scotland, 1881

From www.gulendykkesenter.com: The Steamship Havda was sunk by British aircraft off the island of Luta on 9 December 1944. The vessel was on a journey from Måløy to Bergen although the Havda usually plied between Trøndelag area and Stavanger. There were twelve passengers on board, some of them German, when Havda arrived at Måløy on 9 December. Later that day on her journey to Bergen Havda was attacked by British planes at Askvoll. The ship was hit by bombs and machine-gun fire and sunk quickly into the cold water. Six people on board perished, two crew, one pilot and three passengers. The remaining seventeen escaped without serious injury.


Today the wreck of the Havda lies to the west of the island of Luta/Lutelandet at a depth of 16 – 30 metres with a listing towards the port side. The hull is quite intact and there are some easy pentrations to explore, but we noticed a great deal of \"Rotting\" plates, so blowing bubbles inside the wreck may lead to disaster... There are plenty of things to see on the wreck, including the ships toilet, and plenty of other artifacts.

Due to the shallow nature of the dive, it was possible to scooter the entire length 3 times in half an hour. So one can enjoy an extended dive on the wreck. The shallowest part of the wreck at atabout 18M makes for a nice DSMB deployment.

Due to the exposed nature of the site, bad weather will cause issues. Be sure to return up the shot, or use a DSMB. The sea bed is covered in kelp, and this can make location of a shot line somewhat confusing, so be sure to tie in. Obviously not an issue when the viz is very good.

Remember that this wreck is a graveyard. Do not touch the human remains if you find any, and treat the site with respect. As will all Norwegian wrecks, do NOT remove anything.


Luta/Lutelandet. The wreck is visited by the local dive center: [GULEN DYKKESENTER]

Videos from wreck

Video -Havda LOW VIZ- by Tommy Lidal:


Video GREAT VIZ taken by Gulen Dive Center:


Videos used with permission.

Notes on the photos

Copyright on the Above water shot is currently unkown. Should you own copyright and wish to remove the photo, contact DIN. The photo was sourced from the superb website www.divingnorway.co.uk, and has been previously seen in this article too: [HAVDA ARTICLE]

We believe the photo is in the [Public Domain] and therefore can be used for a non commercial site like DIN.