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Montage av Matt Duke & Vegard Sandvik
Fotograph av Peter Ferdinand


2566grt German Cargo Vessel Sunk Nov 1944 during British air raid Also destroyed during the attack was Aquila

www.divingnorway.co.uk reports the GPS as 61º 44.1´N 05° 11.5´E

This GPS is currently unverified.


The top of the wreck is the bow at 35m

The Stern is at about 60+m

The wreck is intact and there are several pentrations to be had. As these take place between 40 and 55m correct training and breathing gas is important. Trimix is required to get the best of this wreck.


Video taken on the wreck:

[Large File 178 MB] [Small File 18MB]


Nivå 3 Trimix