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Parat av Wenche Strand
Tekniske data
Lengde (m)32,3
Tonnasje135 BRT
RederiNorsk Bergingskompani
NivåNivå 3
Posisjon61.154 N, 5.017833 E


Location: Sogn & Fjordane

Depth: 45-60M

Skill level: CMAS*** to Trimix

Drive Time from Bergen: 120 Minutes

Local Air Station: Gulen Dykkesenter


The Parat's Bow is closest to the Stern of the Ferndale and this is at about 44M, a trip down to the bridge of the wreck takes you to 50M, and then further to her stern will find you in about 58M. Lets hope you have the correct gas for that depth, and have planned your decco and gas management, as that is NO PLACE TO BE without the CORRECT TRAINING and EQUIPMENT. For those interested below is a profile of my last dive on the wrecks. Having a comfortable swim around the top half of Parat, with a 50M max depth, had me back to the stern of the Ferndale after about 15 minutes.

For the decco I would certainly suggest divers remain near to Seglsteinen (The rock outcrop) The tide whizzes along Krakhellesundet and is subject to quite heavy boat traffic. If you do end up drifting by accident a DSMB is a must. The fjord drops to 60M+ both sides of you...

Below I have sketched out a rough view of the depths the wreck lies at. Just remember don't blow you max depth, and stay on the rock for the decco!

Other considerations

The wreck is on the charts, and often has a shot line, but I would suggest you use the local dive center, Gulen-dykkesenter, to get onto the wreck. They really know the site and will get you onto the wreck safely, and all importantly over Sognfjorden! For a second dive you can take a short ride down to see Solvang II.

Bilder af René B. Andersen


Parat 1.jpg

Parat av Wenche Strand
Ferndale og Parat av Wenche Strand
Parat by Chris Jackson
Dykkeprofil fra Parat

Film og Bilder

Video by Kjell-Ronnie Grytten May 2015

Film av Jon Ottar Runde:


Gulen Dykkesenter
Ferndale & Parat av Arve Solli


Nivå 3 Trimix


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